Movie Reviews

That’s right, I do movie reviews.

Brothers Keeper

I watched this on the basis of a recommendation by someone I’ll call C.B. Yearley. No, that’s too obvious. Let’s just call her Carrie Beth Y. It tells the story of a man, Delbert, charged with the murder of his brother in rural New York. The man is clearly not mentally prepared for the grilling that the police gave him, and it becomes clear that he either wasn’t aware that he was confessing to murder, or was simply too tired to care by the time he confessed. There is no independent physical evidence that Delbert committed murder. The town, which had mostly ignored Delbert and his brothers, rallied and helped to get him legal representations and support in the courtroom.

It seemed clear from the outset that the prosecution was overreaching. The police, trained to try and trap criminals outwitted Delbert into confessing. I can’t understand the motivation of the DA to continue to prosecute the case. Delbert wasn’t a threat to anyone, he was a very gentle, laid back 61 year old. Possibly they had too much time on their hands and felt they needed to justify their existence, possibly someone had designs on the land that the brothers owned, although I find that unlikely. It makes me wonder what methods could be used to check government power.

This isn’t in the top tier of Documentaries that I’ve seen, but it is very good. It does contain one scene showing the slaughter of a pig, that I felt was unnecessary, and some mild expletives, but is otherwise family friendly.

Man on the Moon

Jim Carrey plays Andy Kaufmann in this biopic. I had seen a Comedy Central documentary showing most of the events seen in the movie, and the movie didn’t really give any extra motivation for Kaufmann’s odd performance methods. In addition, Carreys imitation of Kaufmanns voice bugged me. The problem was that I know what Carrey sounds like, and his imitation was close, but not exactly the same as Kaufmanns. It’s sort of an Uncanny Valley. Kaufmann really was a brilliant post-modern performer. Or Insane. Either way, I recommend watching Comedy Central until that documentary comes on, pausing only to rewatch Dumb and Dumber.


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