My Neighbors are a Bunch of Cheaters!!

And they’re better at it than me, which is the irksome point.

I’ve joined the Daniel Island Get Fit Challenge. The idea was to promote local business while getting in shape for the summer. There will be a prize at the end for the person who loses the most weight. I assumed that it would be easy to win. I would drink a gallon of water before the first weigh-in, and dehydrate myself before the last weigh-in. I lost six pounds in the first week! That is over 2% of my total body weight! Unfortunately, someone else lost over 7% of their body weight in the first week. And I’ve learned, if something is hard to do, it’s not worth doing. So I put on four pounds in the last week. I’m at 248 right now. I learned that the woman who lost all that weight had just given birth a couple weeks ago. I think that she should be disqualified, as should all others that are ahead of me in the standings.

Tonight I did the free community crossfit workout. First a warmup, then sprints with some 5 pushups, jump-squats, and sit-ups. Then we ran 800 m with a 20 lb medicine ball over the head. I’m going to take tomorrow off.


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