I just went to the clean store and they’re all out of you!!

Yesterday was a rest day. Today I decided to practice cleans and jerks. You people are all idiots! Sorry I was still practicing the jerk.

I think I might have fallen in love with the clean.  It’s an excercise that really uses the whole body. The moment that bar is lifted to the shoulders, and you get under the bar is my favorite part.  I still sometimes forget to use my shoulders to shrug the weight up. Practice should fix that.

While I’m not in love with the jerk, we remain very good friends. I like the idea of the explosive movement, but my coordination isn’t as good as it needs to be.  I’m doing the split jerk, and it’s difficult with heavier weights to get my legs beneath me while I shoot the weight up.

Anyway, I stared by working on form using just the bar. Then I did 95 lbs (x10), 120 (x7), 145 (x5), 170 (x3).  Then I did some presses and push presses. I finished with a two mile run.  The first mile was under 8 minute, and the last 1/4 mile was 1:30.  I finished the total in 18:06. Excercise:find the velocity of the remaining 3/4 mile.

I’m looking forward to the next session of C+J’s.  It is frustrating that I’m not nearly as good as a 12 year old girl.


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